5. Class Design Guidelines

Additional Information:

Programming Standards

Standards is something that all depends on preference. Although it is good practice to follow industry standards, what matters most is that you follow some kinds of standards whether thats your own or somebody elses.
Consider the following naming conventions:

  • Class Name: Singular Nouns
  • Methods: Verbs
  • Attributes: Nouns

As far as what type of format to use, these are the most popular:

  • camelCase
  • snake_case
  • PascalCase

Documentation and Commenting

To be completely honest, I dislike commenting and creating documentation. I have been creating documentations for my last few recent projects and even if I dislike it, the documentaion I create really helps me stay focus and puts the projects priorities in line. Even if I dislike it, I strongly recommend it. It gets easier with practice I promise.

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The Object-Oriented Thought Process

Author: Matt Weisfeld