3. Advanced Object-Oriented Concepts

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Try Catch

It is important to have an idea where your code has the highest possiblity of going wrong. Having an idea of where it will go wrong in general is a very important to have. Implementing small incremental changes and testing your code is also good practice and can help you catch bugs before getting to deep into your code.

If you would like to play around with the Try-Catch conditional, click the following link:
Play with the Try Catch Conditional in Java


Although we will not cover the concept of scopes in general programming, I highly recommend you take a few hours to learn it if you do not completely understand them already. Understanding scopes will help you become a better programmer and help you avoid bugs.
Quick Tip: Try to avoid Global Variables as much as possible (If you do not understand what that mean, you should probably click on the link below).

If you would like to learn the concept of Scopes in general programming, click on the link below:
Scopes for Beginners

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The Object-Oriented Thought Process

Author: Matt Weisfeld